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Mormon Missionaries

So wholesome! So darling! So much fun to slam the door on. See also Religion.


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One time some kindly old Jehova's Witnesses rang my bell and I answered. They wanted to read me some passages out of the bible, but I told them I was too busy to listen. So they asked me if there was a better time they could come back. They were two little old ladies, and I felt bad just rejecting them outright, so I told them to come back in a week, knowing that I likely wouldn't be home. A week later they came back and rang my doorbell and lo and behold I *was* home! But this time I saw their car pull up and didn't answer the door. I just hid in the kitchen, listening to them shuffle around on my doorstep for a few minutes. They didn't ring the bell again, but they didn't exactly leave right away either. Eventually, I snuck upstairs and watched from a window as they ambled across the lawn and then drove away. The house was quiet, and the grandfather clock in my living room chimed as it struck 3:30. Later I took my dog for a walk, and he peed and shat in the garden surrounding my neighbor's mailbox. I told myself I would come pick it up later, but it still sits there to this day.

Dorko on March 6, 2008

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That is a very sad story. For shame!

Sally Bananas on March 11, 2008

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uhm.. why is this called "Mormon Missionaries"??? Jehova Witnesses are completely different than mormons. and if you think you are cool for telling people that you slamed door's in their faces then you are definately NOT cool. people who do that work hard and you should atleast let them in and listen to what they have to say and then kindly tell them you aren't interested. DUH! that's called manners.

C - Breezy on March 17, 2008

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ummmmm ya thats not that funny nothing is rong with mormon missionaries! u should really do that to anyone its there beliefs / jobs ok so ya dont be a bitch

Tammy on March 27, 2008

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You guys are just the type of sheep they're looking for! You know the only reason they come to your door is to attempt to brainwash you the same way their parents or some guy in a suit at their door did them. You're a couple of self-righteous party-poopers! Jehova's witnesses, Mormans, they're all the same. I wouldn't let them in my house or any of their 15 children. By the way that's an awesome story, Dorko. I thought it was going to be a joke at first or some goofy religious "how i saw the light" bullcrap. I'm sure your neighbors appreciate that shit, anyway. It's helping to fertilize their flower bed. Peace to all!

Jeremy on February 12, 2009

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I kept reading this as moron missionaries lol

BlitzHysteria on January 21, 2010

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