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Funny Books

The Night Dad Went To Jail

A terribly sad-looking book that for some reason keeps popping up in books recommended for me.

Funny Products

Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

Good way to really creep someone out.

Funny Foods

Canned Whole Chicken

Guaranteed to be the, er, fowlest thing you'll ever eat.

Funny Products

The Cuchini

I should have something clever to say about this, but really I'm just speechless.

Funny Clothes

Beard Restraints

Even if you've never wanted to wear a beard restraint, or for that matter, a beard, this product is sure to change your mind.

Funny Products

Rejuvenique Electric Facial Mask

For a face that looks fresher and more vibrant with a healthy, rosy, serial killer glow.

Funny Products

Dental Dams

Keeping safe sex... safe.

Funny T-Shirts

I Beat Anorexia

Saw this on a mate of mine (had an awesome collection of shirts LOL). Yeah, he was *huge*. Great guy. :)

Funny Toys

The Daddle

A saddle for Dad to put on while the kids play cowboy games.

Funny Books

My Big Sister Takes Drugs

Long story short, Paul's sister Tina is up to no good.

Funny Products

Shake Weight

It's possibly the funniest/sexiest workout gimmick of all time. So while being pointed horizontally at chest height, this vibrating 20 lb contraption shakes and rumbles in the hands of the user, and claims to be useful for toning women's arms. (Not to direct you away from Inherently Funny or anything, but seriously just go look it up on YouTube. It's that good.)

Funny Products

Fanny Bank

A bank that's a butt and farts when coins are inserted.

Funny Drinks


Mmmmm, this tomato juice is great, but it's missing something... Wait,I know, CLAM! Quite possibly the oddest combination of flavors to ever come together in a glass.

Funny Products

The Clapper

For when you have the energy to produce deafening claps, but not to lean to the side and flip a switch.

Funny Books

Even Pirates Poop

Seriously? I thought they held it in.

Funny Books


Book describing "the dynamic muscle-toning program for renewed vitality and a more youthful appearance."

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