Funny Gag Gifts

Funny Products

Cat Butt Tissue Holder

Easy to clean and designed to last.

Funny Products

Comfort Wipe

The more convenient way to wipe your butt.

Funny T-Shirts

Flip T-shirts

Ask me about my ninja disguise. And then, boom!

Funny T-Shirts

Forget Lab Safety, I Want Superpowers!

Because every superhero origin story should include a laboratory explosion.

Funny Clothes

Hand Underpants

I think I’ll just wear gloves, thanks.

Funny Products

Ice Cream Lock

Because there’s no honor when you live amongst thieves.

Funny Products

Ketchup Gun

Only the Fourth of July is more American.

Funny Clothes

Piano Ties

Whether you’re a smooth talkin’ cop who’s working the vice squad in Miami, or a happenin’ hipster who likes to rock the raddest styles, this totally trendy tie is a funky-fresh way to jazz up your look!

Funny Foods

Poop Like a Champion

Ultra-high-fiber cereal.

Funny Products

Rejuvenique Electric Facial Mask

For a face that looks fresher and more vibrant with a healthy, rosy, serial-killer glow.

Funny Products

Soap on a Rope

The 1970s in a box.

Funny Clothes

Sock Suspenders

Because any woman will tell you there’s nothing sexier than a man with his socks pulled up and his shirt tucked in.

Funny Foods

Spotted Dick

Ever think the English are just messing with us?

Funny Products

Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

Turns an ordinary trip to the bathroom into a laugh-filled surprise.

Funny Toys

The Daddle

Yeah, I don’t know about this.

Funny T-Shirts

The Tuxedo T-Shirt

Always a hit at weddings.

Funny Foods

Vegetarian Haggis

Apparently for those who like the taste of sheep heart, liver, and lungs baked in its own stomach, but don’t like meat.

Funny Books

What’s Wrong With My Snake?

For starters, its owner owns a snake.

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