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Per Missy Elliot, "Take my thong off and my ass go boom." See also Ass, Sex.


Added by Anthony on June 11, 2006 | You Like This |


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actually... Ive heard people use the made-up word Kadunk or kadunkin' ...means shit... and not as in "O shit! im lost!"

Jamie H. on June 20, 2007

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Josh on February 25, 2008

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Kinda like ba-donk-a-donk?

Rainbow on March 6, 2009

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hells yeah lol

mer on February 11, 2010

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its actually ba-dunk, not ga-duck, meaning BIG ASS.

kellaaaaaaaaaay on March 20, 2010

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banana on March 4, 2011

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wow. dumb.

kaleigh on May 12, 2011

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