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He Hate Me

Running back Rod Smart wore this name on his jersey while playing in the failed alternative football league the XFL. See also Sports.


Added by Brian on November 2, 2006 | You Like This |



From Wikipedia, "Of the moniker, Smart said 'That's a part of me, so I never get tired of that. It's like my birth name, except it only came later than birth.'"

Tyler on November 2, 2006


Also from Wikipedia, "When Smart and the Outlaws played divisional rival Los Angeles Xtreme, two Xtreme players put 'I Hate He' and 'I Hate He Too' on the back of their jerseys to express their disdain for Smart."

Tyler on November 2, 2006


By the way, that guy made it to the Raiders in the NFL.

Tim on August 25, 2008

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