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Pissy Baby

From mother to child, overheard on the streets of Chicago, "Why you do that? I'm no longer going to call you Sarah. From now on you Pissy Baby." See also Bathroom.


Added by Anthony on January 29, 2007 | You Like This |


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Not funny!

Traoct on May 20, 2007

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Not funny??? That shit is GOLD.

Robyn K on May 28, 2007

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I have been using this name on my husband all week. Too funny

ec on November 15, 2007

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HAHAHA. Classic. Can't wait to use it.

procrastinator on March 7, 2008

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i dont get it.. lmfao

duccckks. on February 24, 2009

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It wasn't very hard to pick out our babies first name, what is hard is icnomg up with the middle name. We want them to match, but not be matchy matchy.

Chris on March 18, 2012

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