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Funny Advice

1. Keep the Space Heater Away from Standing Water While It is Operational

As in:
Do not precariously balance the space-heater on the edge of the bathtub while we soak in said tub stoned out of our minds, eating pizza, and talking about surviving hiding together in a portable toilet for extended periods of time with a pet goat.
I'm not ready to die by electric shock yet. I've seen those stickers on hairdryers yes siree! See also Dangerous, Electricity.

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Funny Euphemisms

2. Test Drive

1. To drive (a motor vehicle) to evaluate performance and condition.

Example: "Your honor, I do not see the rationale behind the courts' interpretation of my actions as Grand Theft Auto. I was merely taking an extended test-drive."

Also: A nice way to describe car-jacking. See also Crime, Law.

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Funny Insults

3. Sophist

A subtle yet derogatory term used by Quellcrist and the Hemptress to insult philosophy professors and law students, and anyone else who fancies themselves an adept at the art of rational and logically valid argument or thought but in reality cannot find their way out of a paper bag and whose very continued existence is a miracle considering their pathological mental vicissitude. See also Philosophy.

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