Funny TV Shows

Funny TV Shows

1. Clutch Cargo with His Pals Spinner & Paddlefoot

1959 TV cartoon faces with hypnotic, live action mouths. Thin plots, crap characters—what more could a kid want on a Saturday morning with a bowl of sugar disguised as breakfast? See also Cartoons.

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Funny TV Shows

2. Weirder Stuff

A knock off of Stranger Things. See also Made Up.

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Funny TV Shows

3. My Mother The Car

NOTHING else was this dysfunctional! Man who NEVER left his mother, now takes care of her spirit in a Model-T car. Obviously this man will NEVER get a date. And mom will NEVER let him go... who thought this was a good idea? See also 60's.

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Funny TV Shows

4. Flying House

An inventor builds a time-traveling house enabling him to encounter people and events from the Bible. Also, there is a robot butler. See also Bible, Cartoons.

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Funny TV Shows

5. Bigfoot and Wild Boy

Bigfoot saves and raises a boy during the 1970's. See also 70's.

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Funny TV Shows

6. Mr. Hiccup

Italian-Swiss show in which the character, Mr. Hiccup, tries, and fails to cure his chronic hiccups. Ran for 39 episodes before the producers finally decided that trying to cure hiccups isn't interesting. See also 80's, Italian, Swiss.

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Funny TV Shows

7. Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

This is what they call Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Britain and Ireland, because the censors over there think that "Ninja" is too violent. See also British, Cartoons, Irish.

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Funny TV Shows

8. The F Word with Gordon Ramsey

It's another cooking show I think. See also Celebrities, Made Up, Profanity.

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Funny TV Shows

9. House of Representatives

It's usually on C-SPAN from 4 to 7. See also Politics.

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Funny TV Shows

10. Don't Laugh

Japanese gameshow on which if you laugh, you lose. See also Japanese.

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