Funny TV Shows

Funny TV Shows

21. The New Leave It to Beaver

1980's TBS television show in which the Beaver (still portrayed by Jerry Mathers) is now divorced and living in the suburbs with his mother (still portrayed by Barbara Billingsley). See also 80's, Television.

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Funny TV Shows

22. Supermarket Sweep

Television game show in which midwestern housewives try to fit as many Butterball turkeys as possible into a shopping cart and push it around at a high rate of speed. See also 90's.

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Funny TV Shows

23. The Wizard

A 1986-1987 CBS television show featuring a brilliant, midget inventor. See also Television.

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Funny TV Shows

24. Celebrity Cartoons

For example, MC Hammer's short-lived Hammerman featuring a magical pair of talking dance shoes and the Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and Bo Jackson collaboration and breakfast-cereal-tie-in ProStars which, incidentally, was "all about helping kids". See also 90's, Cartoons, Television.

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Funny TV Shows

25. American Gladiators

With contestant names like Storm and Nitro, plus the chance to beat each other up with foam covered staffs, American Gladiators was the stuff with which childhood ambitions were formed. See also Television.

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Funny TV Shows

26. Airwolf

Not to be confused with Blue Thunder, this movie/television show starred Jan-Michael Vincent (as Stringfellow Hawke) and Ernest Borgnin as two pilots of an advanced battle copter that was basically a flying KITT car (Knight Industries Two Thousand) without wheels. See also Television.

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Funny TV Shows

27. Caroline in the City

Apparently someone thought that turning the comic strip Cathy into a TV show was a good idea. See also Sitcom.

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