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Funny TV Shows

1. Cop Rock

A 1990's ABC TV series. Imagine NYPD Blue meets Glee. See also 90's, Musicals.

Added by chorboy on September 23, 2011| 1 Comment | You Like This |

Funny People

2. Dancing Street Thugs in Leather Jackets

We all wish we could be that cool. See also 50's, Musicals.

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Funny Things to Do

3. Dancing Knife Fights

As seen in Michael Jackson videos and West Side Story. See also Musicals, Singers, Weapons.

Added by Ryan on August 7, 2008| Comment | You Like This |

Funny Names

4. Danny Zuko

Like Sam Malone, Danny Zuko is a funny name to call a guy who considers himself popular with the ladies. See also Movies, Musicals.

Added by Brian on June 7, 2007| Comment | You Like This |

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