Funny TV Shows

Funny TV Shows

11. Zitcoms

Hollywood slang for sitcoms about teenagers. See also Sitcom, Television.

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Funny TV Shows

12. "Very Special" Episodes of Sitcoms

For example when Jesse got hopped up on caffeine pills or Urkel got drunk and nearly fell of the roof. More examples here. See also 80's, 90's, Sitcom.

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Funny TV Shows

13. Paid Programming

The show that's on at 12 am, 1 am, 2 am, 3 am, 4 am, and 5 am. See also Commercials.

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Funny TV Shows

14. Jake and the Fatman

See also 80's, Obesity.

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Funny TV Shows

15. Romper Room

Each program would open with a greeting from the hostess and the Pledge of Allegiance. Then the hostess and her group of children would embark on an hour (or half hour) of games, exercises, songs and moral lessons, which were regularly accompanied by background music.

At the end of each broadcast, the hostess would look through a "magic mirror" (actually a face-sized open hoop with a handle) and name the children she saw in "televisionland", then recite the rhyme, "Romper, bomper, stomper boo. Tell me, tell me, tell me, do. Magic mirror, tell me today. Have all my friends had fun at play?" She would then lead into, "I can see Scotty and Kimberly and Julie and Jimmy and Kelly and all of you boys and girls out there!" Did she ever see you? See also 80's, Children, Television.

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Funny TV Shows

16. 20 Minute Workout

This show burst onto the scene in the early 80's, usually with 2 to 3 girls performing an aerobic excerise routine. My brother would watch the show...not because he was "following" the routine.. but because he thought the girls were cute.
They matched their bodysuits, leggings...
Bess Motta the lead instructor was awesome! See also 80's, Aerobics, Exercise.

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Funny TV Shows

17. Space Cats

Saturday morning cartoon by the creator of ALF that included both puppet and animated bits, neither of which made a lick of sense. See also 90's, Cartoons.

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Funny TV Shows

18. The Spice Channel

See also Sex.

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Funny TV Shows

19. Three's Company

Yes, the show's trademark innuendo and misunderstandings could be funny, but what makes the show inherently funny is that the situation driving this situational comedy was a landlord who was tolerant of homosexuals but not unmarried cohabitation. Was there really a point in American culture when this was plausible? See also 70's, Homosexual, Sitcom.

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Funny TV Shows

20. Captain N: The Game Master

With his trusty NES Zapper and Power Pad holstered in his belt, Kevin Keene and his band of unlikely heroes clashed again and again with the forces of King Hippo, Dr. Wily, and the infamous Mother Brain throughout the domain of Videoland. See also 80's, Cartoons, Video Games.

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