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I'm still trying to figure this one out. Mystifying....

Says Wang Dong on October 18, 2007

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Where's the reference? I know he's stupid, and Lord knows he shouldn't be in the position he's in, but I find it hard to believe that even he would be dumb enough to say this.

Says Kyle on October 20, 2007


Never doubt George W. Bush. The reference is here.

Says Anthony on October 20, 2007

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... Wow dude... And this is why America is so great... We get to "Practice our love with women" as compared to China where they can't

Says Connor on March 4, 2008

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your country must be full of people stupider than him to vote him in in the first place

Says bob on May 25, 2008

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What is an OBGYN????

Says Sam on May 27, 2008

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yeah! what is it?

Says a different tyler on November 11, 2008

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Google it, dipsh*ts.

Says Erin on March 14, 2009

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