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I submitted this along with a description and they didn't put it on here!

Says Chet Youbetcha on February 3, 2008

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stupid...poor idiots lol......... jk.....!!!!!!

Says nunya on February 3, 2008

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My Father always called me Squirt...I was an accident...guess b/c of his Squirt...thought I'd share.

Says Wendell on November 11, 2008

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That's dirty.

Says lol on February 13, 2009

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ha my older sister calls me this.

Says gwee on July 19, 2009

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that's my nick name... too sad to say...

Says squirt on July 27, 2009

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I call mi older sista Squirt cauz she's tini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)) lol....

Says Lynn:) on August 2, 2010

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its alright

Says george on December 22, 2010

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