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Admiral von Snugglesworth III

A great name for a stuffed animal. See also Cute.


Added by a Guest on June 27, 2007 | You Like This |



I believe you meant to submit that to

Anthony on June 27, 2007

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What about Whimpsey Hops-a-Lot? That's a good name for a bunny, no?

crystal on June 27, 2007

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This one made me gag. If you're an adult and you have a stuffed animal that you've named, there's something very wrong with you.

Robyn on July 1, 2007

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OMG I just LOLed

Poopsy Von Poops-a-lot on July 8, 2007

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bastard. on September 6, 2007

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lovee this =]

Brianna Von Snazz-a-lot =] on September 6, 2007

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its cool robyn you suck no offence

Yas on September 24, 2007

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I just adore the name

Pilfer Von Swancsinburg XVII on February 20, 2009

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This name just absolutely tickles my fancy

Allie Alwayschetsbig on February 20, 2009

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Ha Ha how cool is that name?

Brownie Wetfarts on February 20, 2009

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love it! its my cats name!

slumpy johnston on October 27, 2010

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Robyn callin you out on this one. Part of growing up is leaving behind childish things, including the incredelousness of childishness itself. In other words, grow up.

Sweetie on December 23, 2019

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