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What Did the T-Rex Say to the Caveman?

Nothing. It just roared at him and ate him. And then it got back into its time machine and went back to the Cretaceous Period, at least a million years before cavemen existed. See also Dinosaurs.


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omg yes XD

pooptato on August 27, 2017

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dinosaurs and cave men lived in different eras in time eras. it would have been an anti-joke if you just said that.

dumbasshoe on September 27, 2017

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OMG XD thanks i just needed a cave man joke! XD YASSS

patata on May 14, 2018

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wow way to copy me omg thanks XD JK IDC

patata on May 14, 2018

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okay? XD

omg on May 14, 2018

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Thats stupid

Mo on January 6, 2021

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Stop these stupid jokes

Your website is bad on January 6, 2021

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this is stupid

pooptato on April 28, 2021

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Do more random person! srsly tho its awesome!!!!

JJ on May 28, 2021

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