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Fake-Fake Vomit

Vomit that looks fake but is actually real.


Added by a Guest on March 28, 2019 | You Like This |


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jj on March 31, 2019

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Well I have fake-fake vomited but has anyone ever fake-fake-fake vomited?

Casper the Ghost on April 4, 2019


you don't fake-fake-fake vomit, you buy fake-fake-fake vomit

Zainium on April 15, 2019

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I would buy this

Myself on May 13, 2019

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the real question is have you ever fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake vomited?

your mom. on May 17, 2019

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Have you ever fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-fake-FAKE vomited though? THAT is the REAL question.

A person on June 1, 2019

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yeet on March 12, 2020

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