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At what point does a leaflet become a pamphlet?


Added by a Guest on April 9, 2019 | You Like This |


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Guest on April 11, 2019

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when it get boring

BORED on April 12, 2019

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when it has multiple pages and is not just a folded piece of paper

lol on April 12, 2019

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when pamph removes the leaf

i know it on April 14, 2019

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When it exceeds the first page...

The Blue Sky on April 19, 2019

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i am simon cowell in another life

potted planet on July 12, 2019

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leaf·let /ˈlēflit/ noun 1. a printed sheet of paper, sometimes folded, containing information or advertising and usually distributed free. pam·phlet /ˈpamflət/ noun a small booklet or leaflet containing information or arguments about a single subject.

phenomenae on November 17, 2019

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