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"Nobody puts baby in the corner."

See also 80's.


Added by Tyler on May 7, 2007 | You Like This |


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awesome dude. i say that all the damn time now

Pacman is the Man on June 12, 2007

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The funniest line in Dirty Dancing!!

Runaway on October 24, 2007

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That's a Fall Out Boy Song! CopyCatter's

PeteLoveer. on January 8, 2008

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nobody puts baby in A corner... not THE corner.

jaybee on August 28, 2008

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Fall Out Boy sucks balls Pete Lover. SUCKS! Their songs have no lyrical meaning. Every single song sounds the same. It's not real music, it's sh** is what it is.

Mrs. Floyd on February 14, 2009

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fall out boy does NOT suck!! you suck. their songs do not all sound the same, and if you had more than 1 brain cell, you would know that all of their songs have great lyrics with meanings. id like to see you try and do what they do.

i love f.o.b xxx on May 22, 2009

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RIP Parick .... :(

Carrie on September 15, 2009

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this is also a line in an Eminem song...

chloecrimson22 on November 22, 2014

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actually this line was originally in dirty dancing so pedeelover your wrong. however fallout boy's music does NOT all sound the same. its very upbeat and awesome music!

80'sBaby on September 19, 2016

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Also used in Supernatural. The Impala shouldn't be put in the corner either, it makes Dean mad.

Iseult on January 25, 2017

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yay, that's a quotes by dean winchester

it's me on January 27, 2018

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