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It really is a funny word. :O

Says ║│║▌║ on January 19, 2008

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not that funny...actually not at all

Says wouldnt u like to know on January 23, 2008

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Says CARESS ME DOWN on February 6, 2008

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Pants.... No...not funny....

Says I would like to know! on March 23, 2008

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Says anna on March 24, 2008

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was that supposed to be funny

Says why? on May 5, 2008

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i like pants because i like pants because i wear pants because i like pants because pants are good

Says pwoah on August 14, 2008

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That was so funny I fogot to laugh!!!!

Says lo........ok i cannot finish this on October 22, 2008

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Ahahahahah I've always loved the word pants!! It's been the BUTT of many jokes. :P

Says Megan Teehees on November 20, 2008

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haha someone forgot how to spell "forgot" and pants is a fairly humerous word. and i might as well add that i like to pontificate!

Says the broom fairy on November 27, 2008

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take a book or movie title and replace a noun with the word PANTS. "Wuthering Pants" "He's Just Not That Into Pants" and you'll see why pants is a funny word.

Says fadsfadsf on August 17, 2009

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I think Pantaloons is funnier.

Says tommy22 on March 16, 2010

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