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that word is 'toque' you moron

Says flabbergasted on September 18, 2007

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This is spelled TOQUE I BELIEVE

Says John on October 13, 2007

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It is spelled toque, and it is a kit hat with the ball of yarn at the top.

Says Chuckles on January 29, 2008

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lol- it's pronounced "tuke" (to an American or purely English ear). And it's spelled correctly here, it is Tuque. Search for it on Wiki.

Says Kristin. on June 17, 2008

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it's toque doofus

Says ... on March 11, 2009

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I do believe, as a French Canadian, that it's spelt toque. with an o.

Says Rumplestiltskin on April 17, 2009

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See here:

Says Rimou on June 17, 2009

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