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Going Into Another Room and Forgetting What You Had to Get

And going back to the first room and remembering it all again.


Added by beep on June 17, 2017 | You Like This |


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ohhhh my god its so true thoooo

Potato on June 17, 2017

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i know its so true it happens to me all the time

the fat bob on June 18, 2017


I read an article that said it is a survival mechanism from cave man days. Og did not have a lot of room in his brain so when he left the cave he had to forget the nagging Mrs. Og and the Ogettes to concentrate on hunting. A change in location triggers it.

Shinyo on July 2, 2017

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Took so true I do this nearly EVERYDAY😹😹😹😹

Michelle on July 28, 2017

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...and then having the cycle continue eternally.

Person McPerson on September 26, 2017

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just got an account

polonia99savage on November 19, 2017

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OMG This happens all the time and I really hate it so much

Jay_Savage_1014 on December 9, 2017

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