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Naming a Animal Before You Dissect It

Squirmy the Wormy sure loved being cut open by two psycho 13 year olds. See also Science.


Added by Pachipower on January 31, 2018 | You Like This |


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Another funny thing to do is knowing when to use "An" and "A," something you don't seem to know how to do.

Namee on February 20, 2018

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no seriously

not a spam on March 2, 2018

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@namee noone likes a grammar nazi

me on May 1, 2018

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Psycho is truly the right word for it.

Potato e on May 16, 2018

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I don't get it

I'm not spamming on July 6, 2018

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Your Advertisement here on April 28, 2019

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I did this to three crabs before I ate them.

It's 4:47 AM on March 26, 2020

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admitantly, i did this two an owl pellet. in other words, dry bird puke.

not gona tell ya on March 28, 2020

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I did this to kermit. He was a former frog

My birthday is on February 4, 2021

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haha totally me! i should be a namer when i grow up- that should be a job

marty on August 30, 2021


I dissected a from my 7th grade year. Now I regret not naming it. :|

Yeetaleetthesecond on November 9, 2021

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