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America's Village Idiot

Also known as Donald Trump. See also Politics, Presidents.


Added by ziema on April 16, 2019 | You Like This |


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ashley on May 15, 2019

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sydney on June 19, 2019

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Well, that's an insult to Village Idiots! Either they were born that way . . . or chose to act stupid to get out of work . . . this nasty man is just stupid.

MsKnowItAll on July 30, 2019

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i agree

asggf,hl on August 29, 2019

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You people should be the village idiot council for the village. DUMBASSES!!!!!

2dollarBill on November 5, 2019

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2dollarBill on November 5, 2019

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There are times when I just don't understand how people can actually like Trump... he can't think of a good insult, even. It's always Negative Nancy or Do Nothing Democrats and I'm like, how old is this guy? Because I've heard Kindergarteners with better insults than our President.

dump the trump on January 10, 2020

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You guys are so rude! Would you guys say this to Obama?! Stop having your heads in the sand and actually look at the sky!

Polly on May 2, 2020

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