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Fancy Chickens

Dressed to impress. Also known as penguins. See also Birds.


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Sophie on November 2, 2020

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you rat munchkin

ihateidk on November 8, 2020

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OOohh! This is starting to get interesting? Hold on, lemme get my camera! SHUMAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! WhERe'S MY CAmERAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA??!?!?

Kokichi Ouma on November 8, 2020

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hey yall its literally 1:24 am rn and i am so bored and im on christmas break and had something due for english on sunday of dec 26 which is so dumb but like whatever ig oh i also still havent done it because i have no clue what im supposed to do.

ava on December 30, 2020

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pov:your bored and its 2:00 am

imapatato on January 13, 2021

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I'm not bored and it's 11:32 AM

bruhtato on January 30, 2021

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Actually I AM bored but idc ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

bruhtato on January 30, 2021

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