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Funny Anti-Jokes

1. Ask Me If I'm A Tree.

"Are you a tree?"

Added by Joe on June 10, 2016| 2 Comments | You Like This |

Funny Videos

6. The Beach Boys Without Autotune

The Beach Boys' "I Get Around", but without that cheap pitch-shifting technology everyone was using in the '60s. See also Internet, Music.

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Funny Things to Do

8. Tucking Your Shirt Into Your Underwear

You know, as a fail-safe. Anything with an elastic waistband works great for this purpose. See also Fashion.

Added by Joe on February 13, 2015| Comment | You Like This |

Funny Things

10. Kneaded Erasers

"The kind of erasers you can ball up and throw at your sister."
- My art professor See also Art.

Added by Joe on January 27, 2015| Comment | You Like This |


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Improvised Comedian
Currently working on the screenplay for Jefferson: IN SPACE, starring Danny DeVito. Loves to act, bash on drums, and sit.

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