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Funny Things

3. Dingleberry/ies

Bits of poo still stuck to an animal's butt fur. Butt fur. See also Scatological.

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Funny Euphemisms

5. Butt-raped

What happens to guys in prison.

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Funny People

7. Frightened, White, Middle-Class Old People

Bulletin: You're getting govt. health care now. Oh, and MedicAid. And disability benefits. All of it, every penny, financed by me. Money I could really use. Another thing, while ranting, fascist or communist? Make up your minds. See also Elderly.

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Funny Things to Do

10. Getting a Red-hot Pot Seed Down Your Shirt

...and you can't get it out. So you jump up, slap and push on your chest and stomach, swear like a sailor, and then sort of finally lean forward and shake your shirt. Riotous! See also Drugs.

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Grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, now live in Arizona. Enjoy reading history books, hiking, Adam Carolla Project, Stephanie Miller Show, Daily Show, German language, blackjack, and my two dogs.