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Funny Things

1. Dingleberry/ies

Bits of poo still stuck to an animal's butt fur. Butt fur. See also Scatological.

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Funny Euphemisms

3. Butt-raped

What happens to guys in prison.

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Funny People

5. Frightened, White, Middle-Class Old People

Bulletin: You're getting govt. health care now. Oh, and MedicAid. And disability benefits. All of it, every penny, financed by me. Money I could really use. Another thing, while ranting, fascist or communist? Make up your minds. See also Elderly.

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Funny Things to Do

8. Getting a Red-hot Pot Seed Down Your Shirt

...and you can't get it out. So you jump up, slap and push on your chest and stomach, swear like a sailor, and then sort of finally lean forward and shake your shirt. Riotous! See also Drugs.

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Funny T-Shirts

9. I'm on a Pussy Hunt!

Even today it shocks. Signature male white trash t-shirt/ballcap impression. Do they still sell these?

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Funny Things

10. Columbus Day

First, he didn't discover shit. He did enslave, torture, and murder native Caribbeans to extinction. He was even up on charges for being too harsh, and for the Spanish, that's saying a lot. He bounced around, often getting lost, under constant threat of mutiny. Let's have a federal holiday! See also Holidays.

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