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Funny Phrases

21. "...in Bed."

Reciting your fortune cookie, then saying, "...in bed" after whatever is says. Always funny. See also Sex.

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Funny Clothes

23. Man-Bra

Okay, first of all, man-bra. But there's more. Assuming you're in good health, fellah, then your moobs should, for the most part, not be staring at the ground; and, if they are, Who gives a damn anyway? You're a MAN! See also Lingerie.

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Funny Tattoos

24. Tramp Stamp

Lower back (just above butt crack) tattoo on women. Worst scourge on society since the wine cooler. I guess it implies guys have something to read during doggie-style relations, or some kind of trailer park turn-on. All I know is it's probably better to think these things through first. See also White Trash.

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Funny Nicknames

27. Funny Boy

As in "Hey, Funny Boy!". Said loudly after somebody made fun of somebody else, and somebody took exception. A swift beating then ensues, from one side or the other.

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Funny Videos

30. Good Oral Hygiene

The navy has three different instructional videos on the proper way to brush your teeth.

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