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11. The Guy Who Gave You Shit in High School

It is ten years later, and there he is as you roll up in your car- at the pay window of a fast food place. He sees you, you see him. He gives you your food, and your change, and who's laughing now, Champ?

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Funny Things to Do

13. Old Farts' Rehearsed Ranting About Health Care

All these over-65's enjoying Uncle Sugar's MedicAid, MediCare, Soc. Security, worried about a "government takeover" of their health care. Where do you they think their free care, and monthly checks, come from? See also Government.

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Funny Words

19. Breastes-ses

Women's breasts, and men's frequent discomfort in referring to them in a way thatís not rude. Particularly when they're alone among women. Inasmuch as men get loud and boisterous about female body parts while among other men, like chimpanzees for example, they are strangely tentative, even skittish in this, when alone among women. When alone among women to whom they're related, this ensuing awkwardness is multiplied times 100,000. ďAh, yes, you're right, Janey and Tisha, Gina does have, um,...large...Breastes-ses.Ē

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