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What Animal is the World's Most Dangerous Predator?

Man. That's right, let that sink in for a minute. Man.


Added by Tyler on March 7, 2009 | You Like This |


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basuru on December 4, 2010

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Thank god i'm a woman, not a man...

Casey on July 12, 2011

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Casey that doesn't count. Your still one of us lmfao

Eli on July 23, 2011

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its, not, funny

charly on February 27, 2012

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I dunn get it D.:

Nunnayourbuisiness on April 24, 2014

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Cobra snake. Only 1 reason: #1 It spits its venom

Handball Queen on August 12, 2015

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actually mosquitoes are the most deadly animal on earth because of diseases! (=^~^=)

American_hero on August 22, 2016

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