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I love that word. You know what I mean...

Says guest on November 6, 2010

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My mom thought this was some kind of insult ("you are such a dipthong"). She was a little sad to find out it was something real.

Says grouchyteacher on November 6, 2010

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This is misspelled. It's actually "diphthong."

Says Rachael on November 27, 2010

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A Diphthong is actually a multi-syllabic phoneme. A Monophthong matches your definition.

Says Louis on June 5, 2011

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i luv this word!! but it is spelt wrong! last yr everytime my choir teacher would say this my friend would say "in chocolate" and we'd start laughing.... good times :)

Says babygurl120695 on June 8, 2011

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