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Funny Things to Do

133. Freelance Judging

Get a few lawn chairs and friends, then hold up cards with large numbers for everything . . . lawn care, cars going by, people strolling. My friends and I gave a lot of "6" and "9" just to see people laugh . . .

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Funny Drinks

135. Coffee Relationship Specific:

Cream, no sugar = blonde and bitter, like an ex-wife
Sugar, no cream = sweet and strong, like a new relationship

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Funny Nicknames

137. Mr. Right

but I didn't know his first name was "ALWAYS"
(Thank you, Rita Rudner, for this line I use way to often because so many men need to hear it!)

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Funny Places

139. Woman Hollering Creek, Texas

So . . . is this a woman hollering "CREEK!" or a creek named after a woman hollering?

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