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Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane

Is a someone flying around in star-spangled underwear and a tiara any less noticeable than a jet? See also Comics.


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Wonder Woman's transparent plane is crafted from the last sample of transparent nigh invisible aluminum from lost Atlantis. Transparent aluminum while admitting visible light up to a safe intensity, blocks all harmful radiation. The memory molecules even adjust to protect Wonder Woman's fair peaches and cream complexion in winter or else to help her work on a healthy suntan for the Mediterranean summer! And whereas, ordinary airplanes cast shadows, the invisible plane projects brilliant and colorful shimmering prismatic refractions of the sun onto the ground as it sours in the sky above. In flight, the exterior surface of Wonder Woman's transparent plane vibrates at a frequency to shed water and generates ions to repel dust, thereby continually sustaining optimal visibility. Every decade or so, since Wonder Woman crash landed the battle damaged transparent spitfire after the end of the Second World War, in the temple of Hephaestus the smithies of Themiscyra ceremonially demolish the worn and obsolete transparent plane in order to recover the transparent aluminum for the crafting of a new top of the line invisible fighter plane and the avionics are updated by Wonder Woman herself from her own mind, into the telepathic radio. Wonder Woman, endowed with the speed of Hermes, is capable of avionics adjustments in real time unassisted, and feeds in the data from her own fevered brain during a sleepless and grueling series of hallucinogenic vision quest test flights into the stratosphere and the celestial realms beyond, battling evil from beyond the stars. For even the transparent spitfire was said to have been capable of spaceflight. No one really understands how! In order to join forces with Aquaman, Wonder Woman's transparent plane also fully functions underwater. In order to exit while submerged without flooding the cockpit, Wonder Woman barrel rolls the transparent plane upside down before opening the canopy. But first she removes, folds and slips her boots neatly under the pilot seat, because even Wonder Woman doesn't go swimming with her boots on!

Aaron Agassi - on December 3, 2008

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