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Wasn't this also the name of an act at the Lilith Fair?

Says Frank on June 14, 2007


Ah, Frank, priceless. In all seriosuness, I once had Giardia, aka beaver fever. I got it in second grade. Up to that point I was chubby. After giardia, I was handsome and lean.

Says Anthony on June 14, 2007

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ha ha ha

Says Andrew Sheffler on September 10, 2007

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he he he

Says Daniel Martinez on September 10, 2007

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This is funny ho ho ho ho ho hot hot hot hot ho ho ho ho sorry if i blew your potatoe

Says Me and myself on September 10, 2007

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explosive diarreah...ewww

Says guest on February 15, 2008

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yummy...explosive diahorea

Says magic turnip on April 30, 2008

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sounds like an std

Says yuck fou on January 30, 2009

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