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Why Was the Cat Scared of the Cucumber?

Because cats are scared of cucumbers. See also Cats, Logic, Vegetables.


Added by a Guest on December 19, 2017 | You Like This |


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I hate this joke

Name on December 20, 2017

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Anonymous on December 20, 2017

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This comment section is so sad it's funny.

WhiteShadow on December 21, 2017

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Mysterious on December 23, 2017

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Me on December 25, 2017

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you have no sense of humour

James on December 27, 2017

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ha cheerfully...

LEVEGAN on December 27, 2017

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whats red and bad for your teeth? a brick that was way better than that

;-; on December 29, 2017

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Hello, I am Ron Stoppable, me and my buddy Rufus would like to inform you that I don't think cats are afraid of cucumbers, and if they are I would like to see it. P.S naked mole rats are better.

Ron Stoppable on December 29, 2017

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Rae-Marie on December 30, 2017


This shouldn't be funny, but it's entirely true XD

CJdadestroyr on December 31, 2017

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this is stupid but funnier than the joke

potato on January 7, 2018

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cats are scared of cucumbers because it looks similar to a snake.

NAME on December 21, 2018

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But my cat catches and eats snakes?

Disgruntled cat owner on August 1, 2019

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Hmm. Now I want to give my cat a cucumber... *Cue evil laughter*

??? on September 3, 2019

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