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Make Antigravity

First, get a rope, toast, butter, and a cat.

Second, use the rope to tie the buttered toast to the top of the cat.

Finally, drop the cat. This will create a paradox whereupon the cat has to land on feet, but the toast has to land butter-side down. See also Cats, Dairy, Science.


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this is genius!!! I already knew what was going to happen when I read the things I need! lmao xD this needs a repost

guest something something on February 24, 2018

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bLeH on March 7, 2018

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wait does this work

anonamyous on March 24, 2018

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The rope broke when I tried this. The forces of the cat and sandwich were to strong to stay together. I think it might work with duct tape though (or flextape?).

Some random dude online on September 19, 2018

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get 3 cats and a rope. tie them together. tilt them in a direction. this will make a working wheel.

ubetternot on January 20, 2019

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Or just butter both sides of the toast.

Bob on February 26, 2019

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oh wow

JustA on June 14, 2020

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It worked!

jim on February 1, 2021

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I Saw The Paradox On “Science Time With Professor Bobo” By Hobson-TV.

Hello Hi, Science Guy. on March 19, 2022

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