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You Can't Hum with Your Nose Pinched


Added by LilJohnny on November 6, 2018 | You Like This |


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No dip, sherlock. How do you expect air to get out if you done closed every facehole you got?

Myself, Alone on December 3, 2018


What about ears? Those are faceholes. And who said it needs to come out of FACEholes? What about... lower...? I'm talking about the belly button if anyone's confused.

Zainium on December 27, 2018

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Technically you can hum just not very long lol

JTuck on January 15, 2019

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Technically, no. You can hum into your mouth untill your cheeks are too full. Try it

None on February 3, 2019


i just died trying

DarylthePony on February 23, 2019

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Eveyone: "NO THATS WRONG!!! I can-(choking noises)

Lapis Lazuli on March 21, 2019

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*snorts looking at comments*

LilJohnny on June 18, 2019

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You can hum out o your mouth

YEE on June 23, 2019

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Actually, you can, it's just not easy, fun or recommended.

A person on July 17, 2019

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this comment was made on September 21, 2020

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this comment was made on September 21, 2020

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this comment was made on September 21, 2020

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you can, but where is the air gonna go?

go_POOF! on November 6, 2020

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*gulp* *ooouupp* *ooouupp* *oou-cough cough wheeze*

Sounds of me trying on February 5, 2021

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