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I Hope Your Charger Only Works at a Certain Angle

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Added by a Guest on January 12, 2022 | You Like This |


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i hope the same happens to everything that plugs in for you

nv on January 18, 2022

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Omg, that has happened to me! Sooo annoying!!!!

A fweand on January 18, 2022

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You did this to me!

Guest on February 8, 2022

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:0 sir! aw man, now you gone and did that! great, my Phone's dead!

onceapotatoalwaysapotato on March 10, 2022

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How dare you… this is the worst of insults… THE WORST!

potatotatoatoto-o on March 21, 2022

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this happened to me all the time before i got a new charger 😃🔫

Eggnoodlez on April 3, 2022

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NO! An insult so atrocious, yet SO RELATABLE?! IMPOSSIBLE!

smart person on June 5, 2022


That's too far. You're despicable! Atrocious! Fiendish! Any other synonym for bad that I can't think of!

Yeetaleetthesecond on October 13, 2022

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That's just cruel.

Kid. on January 30, 2023


it happened before like, 12 times now go back to your cave ya slime dude,I bet slugs put salt on YOU to make you go away

phyre12 on July 26, 2023

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