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Wow funny kid. I can see it now

Says Blackrrabbit on August 27, 2007

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duh...where else do you think the yellow snow on your roof comes from the day after christmas... I'm sorry if that was mean...

Says Snazz on October 5, 2007

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hehehehe....! hahahaha....! wala lng1

Says jeo on November 20, 2007

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it's so stupid

Says Psyche on December 27, 2007

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santa aint real sorry kids

Says 232 on January 5, 2008

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neither is his penis lol :P

Says Guest on January 9, 2008

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that is the funniest thing i have heard ALL day! i am laughing so hard i snorted!

Says Chelle on January 14, 2008

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Ya, how else did he do your mom last year?

Says Meanie on March 11, 2009

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OMG how could there be a Ms. clause if there was just Santa!

Says Hey-Mey on February 13, 2016

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