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Says mr chow on March 25, 2007

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This is not a bad thing, so long as it means something to you. After many years of training in Kung Fu, there are a lot of Chinese characters that have a lot of meaning to me... I don't have the tattoo, but if I were to get one, it would be Chinese.

Says Poop Stewart on June 29, 2007

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Just do your research- you don't want to end up with "Combo #3" inked on your ass for all eternity.

Says Robyn on August 22, 2007

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we are looking for the word bick in asian this is my nickname but nobody knows how to spell it

Says kim on December 15, 2007

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Well if you did Japanese I believe the closest they could get is "bi-ku" in katakana... you should be able to find it anywhere...

Says Thomas on December 17, 2007

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i dont think its a bad thing for people who arent asian to get an asain tatoo...i have one...

Says kristina on February 8, 2008

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Ha Ha! i don't get it~~

Says Sammy on April 11, 2008

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LOL its funny when people get chinese tattoos and they dont wtf they mean they think it means whatever they want it to mean but it means something stupid in real life HAHA sucks for them

Says Nicky on January 29, 2009

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"Beef stir fry" lolol

Says anon on April 13, 2009

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My hairdresser has one, he's not asian. I asked him what it meant and its just his name in chinese.

Says carriee on July 9, 2009


That's like saying Asian people shouldn't get Latin phrases as tattoos. Non-Asian people get kanji tattoos because the characters are beautiful and more succinct than an entire phrase.

Says ziggyzaster on November 8, 2009


Well said ziggyzaster.

Says Ryan on November 8, 2009


i honestly want one...and i have no asian in me whatsoever

Says ilovehim4eVer on May 20, 2011

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