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The sound of your alarm clock is your theme song because it starts at the beginning of every episode.

See also Sleep.


Added by a Guest on January 27, 2021 | You Like This |


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My theme song is an hour-long (counting the times I press the snooze button.)

Googly Eyed Blobfish on January 28, 2021

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Wait...that means reality isn't real...

chopsicc on February 12, 2021

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it is tho

faquoi on March 10, 2021

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wait no it isnt

faquoi on March 10, 2021

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Mine is hella long.

Samuel on April 21, 2021

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I heard this one on YouTube already

TheCyanAxolotl on April 28, 2021

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d on December 13, 2021

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Except mine goes off randomly in the middle of my day really annoyingly

Super potato on July 17, 2022

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