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It's like OCD, but in alphabetical order. AS IT SHOULD BE.


Added by a Guest on September 27, 2018 | You Like This |


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Thank you for your service

Pineapotato on September 28, 2018

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You, sir, are a genius.

BleededEyesight on September 29, 2018

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Correction, Humanity at Its EFiNsT

Guest on October 1, 2018

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ummmm i have ocd but this was funny ..

lily on October 2, 2018

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hi on October 2, 2018

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One hand, this is great. On the other hand, Compulsive Disorder Obsessive...

welp on October 2, 2018

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there are 7/2 billion peopel on earth sooo.... this makes sense

the radioactive potatooo on October 3, 2018

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CDO is also the name of a ketchup brand O.o

me on October 5, 2018

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pot ato on October 6, 2018

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E on October 9, 2018

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SO FUNNY! I showed this to a friend, and she said "I don't get it.." then I had to explain to her that OCD is when you want everything to be perfect, and there's no cure. Little did she know, she has OCD!

Potoooooooooo on October 11, 2018

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PotaTo on October 15, 2018

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AHAHAHAHA yes! or should i say, eys!

kelsey on October 16, 2018

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^ "s" comes before "y". Learn the alphabet idiot.

Dude. on October 17, 2018

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TACOS on October 24, 2018

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oml same

hi there on October 30, 2018

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I've seen this copy/pasted way too many times. You're not clever. You just know how to use CTRL + C.

B on November 11, 2018

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OCD is WAYY more than just having to have everything perfect. That's called being a perfectionist. It sickens me how people are still making OCD jokes and spreading misconceptions. Look up a disorder before you joke about it.

no. just no. on November 25, 2018

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I give up

I give up on November 28, 2018

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omg yasss!!!

cat on December 9, 2018

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Are you serious?

No on March 16, 2019

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XD So true though!

MyNameIsJeff on March 19, 2019


GG you win.

bigboithanos on June 19, 2019

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To "no. just no.", simple. Look up a joke before you get pissy about it.

OP on September 24, 2019

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Haha! I have OCD too:)

HedgieLover on May 31, 2020

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this joke is funny i think no. just no. is having ocd

im not a potato... on October 19, 2020


oh no...

unfunnymemelord on February 5, 2021

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