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The Gay Ear

When getting a piercing, the ear a young, straight man must insure goes unpunctured. It's the left, right? See also Body, Homosexual, Sophomoric.


Added by Ryan on March 1, 2010 | You Like This |


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No, earring in the left ear means you're straight, right ear means you're gay. both ears means you're gangsta or a woman

tommy22 on March 15, 2010

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left is right and right is wrong

Nolan on March 26, 2010

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i think either way. both look kinda gay.

T on March 15, 2011

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@tommy22 or it just means u have earrings

dog on October 25, 2017

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@t earrings dont have a sexuality

dog on October 25, 2017

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