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71. Erinaceous

To resemble a hedgehog, e.g. "Martin Freeman is erinaceous." See also Cute.

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72. Nirantarāndhakāritā-digantara-kandaladamanda-sudhārasa-bindu-sāndratara-ghanāghana-vr̥nda-sandehakara-syandamāna-makaranda-bindu-bandhuratara-mākanda-taru-kula-talpa-kalpa-mr̥dula-sikatā-jāla-jaṭila-mūla-tala-maruvaka-miladalaghu-laghu-laya-kalita...

Sanskrit and the longest word in any language. The entire word is: Nirantarāndhakāritā-digantara-kandaladamanda-sudhārasa-bindu-sāndratara-ghanāghana-vr̥nda-sandehakara-syandamāna-makaranda-bindu-bandhuratara-mākanda-taru-kula-talpa-kalpa-mr̥dula-sikatā-jāla-jaṭila-mūla-tala-maruvaka-miladalaghu-laghu-laya-kalita-ramaṇīya-pānīya-śālikā-bālikā-karāra-vinda-galantikā-galadelā-lavaṅga-pāṭala-ghanasāra-kastūrikātisaurabha-medura-laghutara-madhura-śītalatara-saliladhārā-nirākariṣṇu-tadīya-vimala-vilocana-mayūkha-rekhāpasārita-pipāsāyāsa-pathika-lokān.

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73. Krazy with a K

It's that crazy.

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74. Ausfahrt

It means "exit" in German, and it makes me giggle. See also Flatulence, German, Sophomoric.

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75. Bungey

Old southern word for "sick". This word was used by Brad Pitt in "The Assassination of Jesse James" in a smooth cowboyish drawl. "You don't have to keep smoking that if it's making you bungey." See also Old-Timey, Western.

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76. Brobdingnagian

Fun to say. It means very big or gigantic.

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77. Piccadilly

Used as a flavor word to make one sound old and cantankerous, e.g. "You piccadilly tramp!"

The word itself doesn't hold much meaning, though it may refer to people who wore piccadills (or large, lacy collars) in the 17th century. See also Old-Timey.

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78. Popty-Ping

Reputed Welsh word for microwave. See also Kitchen.

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79. Fartsdump

A Norwegian word for speedbump. Look out, it's a fartsdump! See also Norwegian.

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Funny Words

80. Shemomedjamo

Georgian word for "I accidentally ate the whole thing!"

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