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Do you really want to know? It involves mustard. Lots. And Lots. Of Mustard.

Says Ghetto Coolfish on April 9, 2008

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i like it. in my opinion, everyone in my school is always singing it!

Says charlie on May 2, 2008

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It explains at the end of the song ^^ when hes in the duet...

Says Meesh on July 13, 2008

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he wont sniff a fart

Says rosie cheeks on July 16, 2008

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the girls sings the part "sooner or later you'll be screwin around" then he says " no i won't do that" is it really that hard to listen to lyrics

Says Jenna on July 17, 2008

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ummm....that makes no sense at all. I always wondered why he says "I'll do anything for love" then turns around and say he won't do something. He's a liar straight

Says RocknRolHawg on July 17, 2008

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"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by a third party." :(

Says Jaron on December 18, 2008


Thanks Jaron, the link has now been updated.

Says Ryan on December 29, 2008

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he will not do the well, you know, yucky mouth thingy. right?

Says marie on April 17, 2009


Or eat?

Says Tim on May 5, 2009

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My neice made me watch Spice World and he loved those girls but he wouldnt fix the toilet in their tour bus

Says Irishcraic on November 18, 2009


Apparently, according to a Dr. Pepper commercial, he won't buy tampons.

Says ziggyzaster on November 26, 2009

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