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I know you shouldn't laugh at a natural disaster, but the idea of a "Torcano" is HILARIOUS! I nearly fell out of my seat with laughter.

Says Piper on October 30, 2007

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I laughed when I read the description. Alot. ;D

Says Kenzi on April 19, 2008

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I used to teach high school and middle school math - and once had my kids all convinced that torcanos twist across the central Asian deserts, destroying all in their path. Yes, I know, it was a fine line I leapt across that day - but c'mon, if teachers get paid crummy, at least let us have a few laughs :)

Says Andy on November 23, 2010

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torcano???? is it real???? is it not??? find out next time on the weather show!!!!!

Says johnna on July 9, 2015

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