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1970's Metal Lunchboxes With a Glass-Lined Thermos

For children. Inside a metal lunch box. Didn't matter if it was Barbie, Hong Kong Fooey, or Hot Wheels; the Thermos bottle had a glass lining. The lining would last approximately two days, if it didn't in fact break on the way to school. I remember actually pursing my lips and actually drinking my milk through the glass. It took the lunchbox people around eight years or so figure out that it was a bad idea. See also 70's, Children, Schools.


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In 2nd grade, 1972, I did, indeed, drink my milk with thermos glass. I told the nun, who was my teacher, that there was something wrong with my milk. She told me to shut up and finish my milk. Fearing the hellish woman, I drank the rest of it. Amazingly, I was unharmed from the glass shards I drank that Fall afternoon.

Amon on September 3, 2009


Exactly. Sort of confirms my opinion that little kids are made of rubber. I remember getting bit by dogs, falling off shit, hitting my head- stuff that would definitely kill me today.

Tim on September 15, 2009

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