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I buy these for my kids all the time! It might be funny for you but for us busy moms these are a lifesaver!

Says Sally Bananas on March 11, 2008

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they are good!!

Says Talor on March 13, 2008

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Sally Banana, you must have 76 different jobs if you can't take 45 seconds out to make a damn sandwich for your kids.

Says Ich bin der Gewinner. on July 12, 2008

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UNCRUSTABLES... un true i believe i opened up my lunch box to a very crusty PB and J...

Says My crust was crusty on March 24, 2009


I don't understand this product -- why are they frozen? Didn't they used to be room temperature? Who wants to eat a hot PB&J with no crust? I*shudder*

Says ziggyzaster on November 11, 2009


Room temperature PB & J sandwiches are banned from my school caf because of allergies, but I wonder if these frozen ones would be.

Says SLOWCOOKR on April 16, 2010

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The package must say "Take out of wrapper, put head it microwave". What has the world come to?

Says TheGreatCornholio on July 18, 2010

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uncrustables........... whoever thought that up is a pervert!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahaha Tyler..... i can see u!!

Says parsnippervert on December 23, 2010

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