Funny Observations

Funny Observations

52. Things Are Not on Fire, Fire is on Things

Added by a Guest on November 22, 2018| 1 Comment | You Like This |

Yoo-hoooo! Be a doll and add a funny observation.

Funny Observations

57. You Can't Hum with Your Nose Pinched

Added by LilJohnny on November 6, 2018| 9 Comments | You Like This |

Funny Observations

59. If Pluto is a dog, then what is Goofy?

See also Disney.

Added by a Guest on October 31, 2018| 23 Comments | You Like This |

Funny Observations

60. If Something is Behind Your Back...

Wouldn't it be in front of your back?

Added by Jungomo on October 30, 2018| 3 Comments | You Like This |

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