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Funny Advice

2. How to Avoid Being Stressed at Work

1. Don’t go to work. See also Work.

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Funny Insults

6. Ñoqui

The Spanish word for gnocchi. In Argentina, it’s used to insult a person who does nothing but procrastinate and later takes the credit and salary of someone else who really deserves it. See also Pasta, Work.

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Funny Things to Do

8. Pointing With Your Eyeglass Arms

Only legal in conference rooms. See also Office, Work.

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Funny People

9. Wobblies

Members of the Industrial Workers of the World, a turn-of-the-century workers union. See also Old-Timey, Work.

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Funny Books

10. How to Poo at Work Shop

Answers the question, “How can I do #2 at work, but still be #1 on the job?” See also Bathroom, Scatological, Work.

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