Funny Diseases

Funny Diseases

41. Dipsomania

An uncontrollable craving for alcohol. See also Alcohol, Old-Timey.

Added by Anthony on December 1, 2011| 3 Comments | You Like This |

Funny Diseases

42. Witzelsucht

Rare diseases that causes the victim to make bad puns and jokes at inappropriate moments. From the German witzeln, meaning joke and sucht meaning yearning. See also German.

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Funny Diseases

43. Trench Mouth

Added by penisaurus on September 3, 2011| 4 Comments | You Like This |

Funny Diseases

44. Tyrotoxism

Poisoning by cheese. See also Dairy.

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Funny Diseases

45. Yeuk

Yeuk is a 15th century Middle English word used by the Scots meaning "to itch". When not used as a verb, it is may be used to identify a particular sensation, i.e. the irritation of nerve endings in skin or mucous membrane that provokes the desire to scratch oneself silly if alone or look for a speedy exit if one is in mixed company. It's also a popular name for the parasitic disorder "scabies". See also Diseases.

Added by knepsam on February 21, 2011| 3 Comments | You Like This |

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Funny Diseases

46. Werewolf Syndrome

It honestly exists. It happened to two Mexican kids and they were offered a part in The X-Files. This is a fact.

Added by EmilieRose on February 14, 2011| 14 Comments | You Like This |

Funny Diseases

47. Formication

A hallucinated sensation that insects or snakes are crawling over your skin. See also Insects.

Added by IAN on January 16, 2011| 6 Comments | You Like This |

Funny Diseases

48. Gynecomastia

The medical name for man-boobs. Great to image search and make as someone's desktop background.

Added by SpaceParasites on November 22, 2010| 7 Comments | You Like This |

Funny Diseases

49. Slapped-Face Disease

It's an actual disease. It looks like you have been slapped everywhere, and it itches like crazy.

Added by a Guest on October 21, 2010| 7 Comments | You Like This |

Funny Diseases

50. Smellie-Veit Syndrome

An actual syndrome or more commonly an obstetric maneuver used for a breech delivery of an infant. One of my co-workers years ago typed "smelly feet syndrome" in the report (she thought that is what she heard dictated) and the OB doc came by to enlighten her (as well as the rest of us), and not too nicely. He felt she should have asked or at least correlated it with the type of report she was typing. It is funny though, isn't it? I still kind of like "smelly feet syndrome", even to this day.

Added by fallgirl on September 21, 2010| Comment | You Like This |

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