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Funny T-Shirts

2. I Do Believe I Have Shat Upon My Pantaloons Shop

Baby onesie. See also Babies, Scatological.

Added by KKB22 on March 11, 2018| Comment | You Like This |

Funny People

3. People Who Were in Advertisements When They Were Babies

They think it makes them interesting, when in fact they're just ordinary people just like everyone else. See also Advertising, Babies.

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Funny Clothes

4. Jean Diapers Shop

Aka Little Movers. See also Babies, Denim.

Added by Anthony on May 20, 2010| 2 Comments | You Like This |

Funny Things to Do

5. Omphalomancy

Predicting how many children a mother is going to have by counting the number of knots on her first born child's umbilical cord. See also Babies, Mothers.

Added by benguin94 on November 8, 2009| Comment | You Like This |

Funny Products

6. Sick Bear

A vessel for vomiting children. And I thought those were just called "buckets" or "toilets". See also Babies, Bathroom, Unnecessary.

Added by a Guest on June 5, 2009| 1 Comment | You Like This |

Funny Products

7. Baby Bangs

Made just for little girls. See also Babies, Hair.

Added by Brian on April 1, 2009| Comment | You Like This |

Funny Books

8. The Secret Language of Babies Shop

No lie, babies communicate in a top-secret language. I saw it on Oprah. See also Babies.

Added by Tyler on November 14, 2006| 1 Comment | You Like This |

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